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pH,ORP,Conductivity,Chlorine,DO,turbidity,UV concentration,colormeter etc.

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Shenzhen Feellan Technology Company limited (SFT) was established in Shenzhen City of Southern China in 2004. Now we are one of important suppliers of liquid analyzers. We provide on-line analyzers and sensors (electrodes) with AMER, WA, ISI, SGM brands to our customers. Most of our customers are engineering companies in drink water, wastewater treatment, environment inspection, metallurgy, medicine and power plant etc. We also sell our products to the final customers.

Our products are all made in Germany and United states except of gas detector of SGM. The main models are OXM223XX and OXM253XX with original sensors (electrodes). The products include pH/ORP, Conductivity, DO, Chlorine, Color, Concentration, Turbidity, SS and gas detector etc. We also provide metering pump to our customers. For example, pool water treatment and acid or alkali neutralization.

We are not only developing the market but also extending the scope of products. We are selling optical products of WA in many industries. We and our customers will attend more and more bids. More and more kinds of on-line analyzer systems also will be demanded. They are COD, BOD, NH4, TOC, NO3 etc. We will try our best to make our product line integrally.

Now we have established 3 offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu. There are 18 persons in our company. We have professional sales engineers team and service engineers team. They have born off good report to us. We have a credendum: The professional is the best.

To be the most important credendum, we always believe that the credit standing is the basic and the all. Our goal is to achieve success with not only our customers but also suppliers.



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