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OUSTF10 forward scatter flowcell
Low turbidity sensor

The OUSTF10 scattered light turbidity sensor is used with OCM44P transmitter for measurement of non-dissolved solids, emulsions, and immiscible fluids in process liquids. The sensor operates in the VIS/NIR region of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is suitable for a variety of industries.
Turbidity measurement for:
  • Quality control / Purity monitoring
  • Condensate control
  • Turbidity in Breweries
  • Filter control
  • Turbidity in potable water
  • Heat exchanger leak detection  
  • Turbidity in brine

Your benefits

  • Accurately measures low level particulates up to the equivalent of 0 to 200 FTU formazine or 0 to 200 ppm Diatomaceous Earth, using scattered light detection at 11° angle from excitation beam
  • FM and ATEX approved explosion proof lamps for hazardous area applications
  • Low voltage incandescent lamp provides long dependable life
  • The OUSTF10 can be fitted with long pass NIR filter to minimize color related measurement errors
The OUA260 flow assembly used with the sensor offers the following benefits:
  • Broad variety of wetted materials provides resistance against any process medium
  • Flexible process adaptation with various process connections
  • Hygienic versions with certified materials and SIP/CIP-resistance
  • Air purge ports available for preventing condensate formation on the optical windows
  • Pyrex windows deliver accurate and reproducible performance under industrial conditions, Quartz or Sapphireoptional

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