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Turbimax OUS31

Product description
Turbimax W OUS31 is an installation and immersion sensor for drinking water and industrial water according to the 90° scattered light method.

Your benefits:
    - Direct installation in water pipes
    - Suitable as a drinking water sensor for every installation with a wall distance greater than 8 cm (3")
    - Measurement under pressure to avoid degassing
    - Integrated temperature measurement
    - Permissible distance between sensor and transmitter: 200 m (660 ft)
Standardized and simple:
    - Measurement according to EN 27027 / ISO 7027
    - Commissioning without formazine
    - Factory calibration ("plug and play?)
Cost saving and safe:
    - Inclined plain sensor surface uses medium flow to increase the self-cleaning effect and repels air bubbles
    - Wiper unit can be retrofitted
    - Self-monitoring and plausibility check
    - Scratch-resistant sapphire glass measuring window

Field of application
All phases of drinking water processing
Coagulation and flocculation
Filter rupture monitoring
Filter backwash
Control of clear rinsing cycles
Monitoring of phase separation processes
Boiler feedwater
Monitoring of cooling water
Monitoring of surface water
Outlet monitoring of sewage treatment plants
Monitoring of industrial water discharge
Recycling of industrial water

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