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Turbimax OUS41

Product description
Turbimax W OUS 41 is a process and immersion turbidity sensor for service water and solids content measurement. The measurement is based on multi-channel technology and applies the 90° scattered light method.

Your benefits:
Measuring range from 0.01 FNU to 300 g/l - from completely clear to completely black
Scratch-proof sapphire windows
Compact shock-proof design
For installations in pipes or basins
Simple commissioning
3-point calibration and 1-point adjustment
7 calibration data records according to customer specifications can be stored
Wiper cleaning integrated or retrofitted
Inclined flat sensor surface uses medium flow to increase self-cleaning effect
Permissible distance between sensor and transmitter up to 200 m

Field of application

Optical solids measurement is indispensable as a regulating variable for operation in following areas:
    Sewage treatment plants
    Primary sludge
    Activated sludge
    Returned sludge
    Putrefied sludge
    Monitoring of sieve water
    Water processing
    Measurement of soiling
Water processing 
Water monitoring

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